Some simple guidelines

Drive slowly. There is a one way section so please yield when possible.

No pets. This is a new rule for 2021 and beyond. Unfortunately, we produce food and pets are not allowed within the field or checkout area. We ask that you leave all pets at home.

No smoking or vaping.

No cash from you undergarments or socks. They will not be accepted.

No alcohol.

Follow all parking lot attendants directions. Please do not park where you feel. We park to keep the flow going. You may want that nice shady spot, but rest assured it will not be shady when you return as the sun moves across our lot.

Families with children must stay together. Do not let your children wander or play in the fields.

No throwing of berries. This happens often. You will be asked to leave the farm.

Pick in designated areas only. Do not venture off. We pick in a systematic way for record keeping.

Please exit the fields just prior to closing time and head directly to checkout area.

Do not wear sunglasses on top of your head when picking. They will get hung up and lost. This happens quite often. We are not responsible for lost items.

No foul language in the field. This is a family friendly farm.

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