In the late 1800’s, Joseph Tiberus Goode purchased some land in Chesterfield County, Virginia where he began establishing his farm. During the time that Joseph Tiberus Goode farmed the land, he raised sheep and grew tobacco and vegetables. When it was time to sell the goods produced on the farm, the mule was hitched to the farm wagon and the products were taken to market in Richmond. Joe T, as family members and friends knew him, continued to farm the land until his health no longer permitted it.

After his death, the farming ceased until the current owners, Clyde and Kathryn Goode began growing a small family vegetable garden, which seemed to grow larger in size each year. In 1978, the current owners built a home on the land and began seeking ways to make the land once again productive. After noticing numerous native blueberries growing in the surrounding woods and after visiting several U-pick blueberry farms, the family decided to begin growing blueberries for the U-pick market. In the 1980’s, the first blueberry plants were established, and the direct marketing aspect of the business began. Keeping with tradition, fresh, farm vegetables were also grown for the public. As Clyde and Kathryn began their U-pick blueberry farm, their three children joined in the “fun” of planting thousands of blueberry plants by hand, pulling weeds, pruning each blueberry plant, and picking blueberry after blueberry. Somehow or other, each of their grown children have continued to be a part of the family farm. Kimberly helps with maintaining the mailing list.  David began working full time in 1999 and helps manage the greenhouses.  Jonathan started full time in 2000 and he too helps with the management of the farm.

Each year, the family looks for ways to improve what they grow and how they grow it. As the years have passed, the business has been expanded to include greenhouses that supply the public with quality grown plants during the spring and fall of the year. In 1997, the first greenhouse was built, and each year more greenhouses have been added to help meet the growing demand.

Land is a precious natural resource and the Goode family works hard to preserve that resource. Agricultural and forestry practices on the farm are compliant with Best Management Practices (BMB) established by the state of Virginia.

Times have changed. No longer are products taken by mule; instead, the public comes to the farm. Farmers can no longer be dependent on rain to supply the needed water for crops; instead, rows upon rows on drip irrigation supply the much-needed water to the blueberry plants and the vegetables. As this farm continues to seek ways to meet the growing demands, the family will always be committed to maintaining the quality that the people in the area have come to expect from Swift Creek Berry Farm.


Come join us and pick one of natures super fruits. Blueberries are full of antioxidants. We do not spray our plants. The fruit is clean and good to eat right out in the field.
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We grow a large assortment of annuals and hanging baskets. As a grower we do not bring plants in from other farms. We have the ability to supply the area with the highest of quality plant material.
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We carry a large assortment of pie pumpkins, ugly pumpkins and carving pumpkins. Due to COVID-19 we will not have our normal assortment of games and activities. This season, we will only be able to provide the pumpkin patch.
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